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Why ARG Energy?

We guide homeowners and home builders through the process of making homes more energy efficient and accessing energy efficiency grants, loans, rebates, and building permit compliance.

Passion: Every home is a unique system. Our professional home energy modelling gives you resources to make your home energy cost-efficient and comfortable, whether a century home or a new build.

Client Education: Experienced post-secondary educator in environmental anthropology provides clear explanations and resources for navigating government energy efficiency programs.

Timing: Call ARG Energy first for an evaluation before you renovate or build Low-Rise Residential (Part 9) to ensure qualifying for grants, rebates, and municipal regulations.

Client Satisfaction: We take pride in our work. See our reviews.

Benefits of working with ARG’s Licensed Energy Advisor:

Natural Resources Canada registered

CleanBC Better Homes Program Qualified

HRAI Certified CSA F280-12 Heat Loss/Gain calculations

Member: Homebuilders Association Vancouver (HAVAN)

Member: Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA)

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This example of a home’s heat loss report is just one of the valuable datasets you’ll receive from ARG’s Energy Advisor service.

What is the Value?

Did you know that energy-inefficient buildings represent a significant amount of our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions?

Together we can make a greener world today. Where does your home lose heat in winter and gain heat in summer? Energy-efficient homes run smaller mechanical systems. Every home is a unique system. Our unbiased reports provide clear guidance and technical information to support informed decisions. We do not recommend contractors or brands. Spend less on upgrades and ongoing utility costs.

We help you:

Understand your home as an energy system.

Qualify to apply for grants/rebates and loans.

Use our reports to get quotes and set priorities.

Navigate government grant/rebate/loan programs.

Improve home comfort & energy efficiency!

Are you ready to make your home more energy-efficient and comfortable?

Existing Home Process

What is the ARG Energy existing home process? 

  1. EnerGuide Home Energy Model – current and possible 
    • Site Evaluation & Model: Gold
      • Exterior Home Envelope (Insulation values: floors, walls, ceilings, windows, doors)
      • Mechanical Equipment (space heat/cool, DHW, solar)
      • Indoor Air Quality (HRV/ERV Air exchange)
    • Site Evaluation & Model: Platinum (includes Gold)
      • Heat Pump Sizing Estimate
      • Interior Air Quality Option: 30-day loan of basic Radon Gas detector 
    • Site Evaluation & Model: Diamond (includes Gold)
      • Expert Room-by-Room Heat Gain/Loss Calculations 
  1. Recommend Home Energy Upgrade Reports
    • Identify Municipal Permit Requirements
    • Upgrade Options, Priorities, and Integration
      • Exterior Home Envelope Upgrades – save energy & money
      • Improve Indoor Air Quality 
      • Mechanical Equipment Upgrades – save energy input costs
  1. Path to Rebates & Interest Free Loans Report
    • Canada Greener Homes Loan (40K no interest)
    • Municipal Upgrade Incentives
    • CleanBC Better Homes Rebates (Regular Home Renovation Program)
    • CleanBC Better Homes Rebates (Energy Savings Program – Income Qualified)

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Up to $40,000 No Interest With Canada’s Greener Homes Loan

Existing Homes: Canada Greener Homes Loan: up to $40,000 no interest – 10 yrs.


To qualify, you need to own and live in the home as a primary residence. The home must be at least six months old, and no more than three stories above ground. Use the loan to upgrade your home’s building envelope and mechanical systems based on your Energy Advisor reports.

ARG Energy provides tools to navigate the program and performs a detailed onsite home evaluation to qualify homeowners to apply for the loan. ARG Energy is an Energy Advisor licensed by Natural Resources Canada to perform the required EnerGuide home evaluations.

Let’s get started on your energy-efficient journey together!

Get Funding for Heat Pumps, Solar, and more!

Existing Homes: CleanBC Rebates

CleanBC Better Homes administers rebates from the Province of BC, BC Hydro, and Fortis BC for energy efficiency-oriented home renovations. To qualify, the home must be at least 12 months old and lived in as a primary residence with a BC Hydro or Fortis BC utility account.

Use rebates to upgrade your home’s building envelope and mechanical systems based on your Energy Advisor reports. ARG Energy is a CleanBC Program Qualified Energy Advisor. Use your EnerGuide evaluation to apply for a CleanBC bonus rebate of up to $2000 on top of other rebates based upon doing three eligible upgrades in the Regular CleanBC Home Renovation Program.

Schedule your Energy Advisor EnerGuide Home Evaluation today.

Program 1: Regular Home Renovation Program
Program 2: Energy Savings Program – Income Qualified

Select an upgrade below to explore item-specific details.

Heat Pumps

Windows & Doors



Solar Panels

Air Sealing

Helping to build tomorrow’s homes today!

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New Home Builder Services: BC Step Code Compliance

As municipalities raise Step Code compliance levels towards Net Zero Ready, performance-based energy modelling is an essential component in meeting code requirements and building energy-efficient comfortable homes for buyers.

ARG Energy provides:

Energy modelling for the required pre-build compliance report and best performance design options.

Mid-build air-tight tests (optional) that save money and costlier repairs later.

As-built air-tight tests, and inspection of envelope and mechanical equipment to ensure performance targets are met.

As-built compliance reports required for building permits.

Energy Step Code and Zero Carbon Step Code compliance uses performance-based metrics of the interplay between Mechanical Energy Use Intensity (MEUI), Thermal Energy Demand Intensity (TEDI), and Greenhouse Gas Intensity (GHG). ARG Energy delivers attention to detail, performance options, and on time reports for your projects.

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New Home Builder Services: Advanced Options

ARG Energy provides:

Residential room-by-room heat loss and heat gain calculations CSA F-280-12 (HRAI certified) delivers detailed specifications for sizing mechanical equipment and selecting house envelope material grades.

Integrated Design Process (IDP) – collaborative facilitation of the build process to maximize home comfort and sustainable (low energy, low carbon) practices and outcomes.

Reach out or send us plans for a quote – quick response times!

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We called Ross from ARG Energy Advisor to come do an energy audit on our home. He called us back right away, came to our home within a couple of days. He’s very punctual and thorough. Throughout the renovation process he’s also been very helpful answering all our questions and guiding us in the right direction. We would definitely recommend Ross!

- Arad Jalali

Ross is incredibly organized, reliable, and communicative. He helped us in what was an extremely busy time for him with a short-fuse home energy assessment report so that we could take advantage of available government rebate and loan programs without slowing down our renovation. 100% would recommend his services to anyone!

- Eoin Helmsen

I am very pleased with my home’s energy evaluation by Ross from ARG Energy. He was very professional, informative and extremely helpful. It really helped me to decide on my heat pump and other upgrades. I was confused about the different grants available and Ross helped me understand the steps I need to take for the grant programs. I would definitely recommend ARG Energy!

- Emilia Bordalba

Energy Efficiency Government Programs

Up to $40,000 interest-free loan from the Canada Greener Homes Program

Canada Greener Homes Grant

Save $10,000+ in Energy Upgrade Rebates as an existing homeowner

Helping home builders achieve Step Code 3 and beyond

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Natural Resources Canada Energy Advisor

Canadian Association of Consulting Energy Advisors

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Canadian Home Builders Association

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